IROA Kits – 13C Labeled Yeast Extract for Mammalian Metabolic Profiling!

13C labeled yeast extract is used as an internal standard in profiling studies of various sample types. Today we are going to talk about IROA kits where 13C yeast extract is used as an internal standard for mammalian metabolic profiling. We will discuss how these metabolite measurement tools can make metabolic profiling easier for you. At the end of the article, we will also talk about the company you can contact the get these kits. Thus, consider reading the full post to know everything in detail.

IROA Kits for Mammalian Metabolic Profiling

IROA® 300 Quantitation Kits can be used for successful labeling, quantitation, and identification of biochemical compounds in many cell populations. These kits are supplied with medium based on Earle’s Balanced Salts (EBSS) and Roswell Park Memorial Institute (RPMI) vitamins and labeled energy sources. They provide all the reagents that are necessary for labeling, quantitating and identifying the biochemical compounds successfully when combined with proper sample preparation and mass spectrometry. The IROA protocol uses metabolic incorporation of uniquely stably-labeled carbon sources that are non-radioactive.

You will get two kits (IROA PHENO-95-300 Kit & IROA FLUX-05-300 Kit), ClusterFinder™ software, and user manual. Look through the following points to know about the kits.

1. IROA® Phenotypic Quantitation Kit 

This kit is designed for circumstances where experimental samples can’t be labeled in culture systems such as biopsies. You can apply this protocol to cell populations where specific growth media is desired or recommended for experimental samples. The kit components include labeling media (liquid) and component mix (dry).

The Labeling Media – 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1mg/mL 95% U-13C labeled glucose (labeled energy source). You will also get an empty sterile bottle with green label where you can store media following filter sterilization.

The IROA PHENO-95-300 Component Mix – 657.5mg 95% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids.

The additional materials required include unlabeled IROA mammalian medium, VWR Vacuum filtration system, Phosphate buffered saline (PBS): 0.01 M, pH 7.4, etc. the kit should be stored at +4°C protected from light.

13C Yeast Extract

2. IROA® Fluxomic Quantitation Kit 

This kit provides all the reagents to fully label mammalian cells at 5% U-13C. It makes it easier to determine the flux of a specific precusor enriched in 95% or 99% U-13C. The main reason as to why 5% is used is because it provides a mechanism to identify all metabolic pools and eliminate all non-biological signals in a completely non-targeted and unbiased manner.

The Labeling Media – 250 mL EBSS/RPMI 1640 vitamin solution (1X) containing 1mg/mL 5% U-13C labeled glucose and an empty sterile bottle with blue label for storing media following filter sterilization.

The Component Mix – 657.5mg 5% U-13C labeled yeast extract and amino acids.

It also requires the additional materials mentioned above.

Order IROA Metabolite Profiling Kits

‘IROA Technologies LLC’ offers metabolic profiling tools for yeast & fungi, bacterial, and mammalian profiling studies. They also provide a high-quality quantitation system called IROA TruQuant IQQTM. You will find detailed information about their kits and products on their website. Click on the link – to visit their website now. You can contact them directly to know more. Also, go through other articles to learn more about the tools used in mass spectrometry (MS) based quantitive studies.

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