Points to Consider While Hiring A Party DJ

You’ve already decided on choosing a DJ over a band? Well, that is a great choice. However, the question is how to pick the right wedding DJ that will make the party a big hit? In most cases, it is quality music that determines the success of the entire party. That is why while hiring a party DJ, you need to consider much more than just price. In the market, you will come across many DJs who will serve you for bucks but that is not all, right?  You need someone who will take it heartily and make the party enjoyable to the fullest.

In the upcoming passages, you will learn the common questions to ask your party DJ while hiring him or her. However, before we proceed with that, let’s check out the common attributes of a good wedding DJ.

The attributes of a good wedding DJ

The job of a DJ is much more than just playing music from the playlist. In the adjoined points here three qualities that make a professional DJ stand apart from the crowd.

Personality is very important

Well, this is a very important thing to consider. The personality of a wedding DJ will make the whole difference. Your DJ will be in charge of creating the energy level and the mode of the evening.  If your DJ is boring, your party will be boring for sure. When you are interviewing a DJ make sure you like his/her energetic personality. Instead of depending on texts, messages, phone calls, and emails talk to your DJ personally and make sure you like his/her vibe. Also, let the DJ know your needs, and the music you love. If you had a great conversation with the DJ, it is a positive hint.

Consistent communication

A DJ has a lot more things to do than dust playing the music. Sometimes, they play the role of an emcee too. Makes sure as an emcee, they have a good communication skill with others.

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Flexibility is another significant feature

A good DJ is super organised and even when the plan seems to end up in a complete mess, they take hold of everything. An organised DJ has a copy of the timeline of the event and they strive to keep track of everything. 

Now let’s take a look at some of the questions that you should ask your DJ before hiring him or her: 

Questions to ask your party DJ

When you are interviewing multiple party DJs, you might get confused. Here are some questions that will help you hire the right party DJ.

Is this your full-time job?

Remember, you need someone who has a full dedication in making your event enjoyable.

Do you offer other services?

Some DJs play the role of an emcee making the event even more organised. 

And there are more other questions that you will get in the upcoming posts.

Hire the best DJ

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